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Times have changed and EMI understands the challenges planners, incentive houses and operators face in convincing clients of their program’s ROI.  Our flexible approach delivers the most creative results within your budget and parameters.  Whether the ultimate luxury program or the unique special event, we partner with you to make Italy affordable for tastes and needs.

Comprehensive collaboration

Because the options are truly endless in Italy, it is impossible to list all of the services we are capable of providing.  Think of the list below as a starting off point for a brainstorm session, and then together we can imagine the possibilities.


Top hotels – From the best resorts in the world to the most exclusive private hideaways

Incredible venues – castles, cloisters, villas, amphitheaters

Unique entertainment – private concerts, fashion shows, music, amazing arias

After hours private viewings – museums, private residences, renaissance palaces

Team building – from Roman scavenger hunts to Tuscan rope courses to Mafia wars

Events and parties – music, lighting, costumes, gala affairs, and exclusive dinners

Unique transportation – golf cars, vintage scooters, yachts and Ferrari galore

Sightseeing and themed tours – experience exclusive showings or a day of imbibing in Barolos

Conference venues – for all sized groups – in all regions of Italy

Gifts and awards – your pick of flavors from every Italian designer, from Armani to Bulgari, and the best craftsmen

Hospitality and professional assistants – everything from luxury sites to prompt meet/greet

Spouse programs – spa days, private sightseeing, education seminars

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